Saturday, July 21, 2007

A funny little story ...

My kids are fed very little food that has chemicals, artificial ingredients, corn syrup, food coloring and preservatives.  We hardly ever eat candy that isn't organic, and we try hard to eat as healthy as possible.  This is partially for health purposes and also because my boys both have cysts in their brains that cause them to have trouble processing chemicals.  When we are out and about, my kids often ask if there are chemicals in things that they want to eat.

So we were at the lake on Friday with one of my friends and her children, and she had brought a large variety of snacks in he hopes that some of them would be safe for my kids.  Some of them were not too far off, so I said they could have those.  When my kids asked if there were chemicals in them I said, "Yes, but not so many that you can't have them for a treat."  The kids were so excited about those shiny pre-packaged foods that they never get to have that they could barely decide which two they were going to eat.

The first funny was when my friend pulled out candy corn- a definite no-no.  My Little Red Ridinghood (3) asked what it was and where do you get it.  LOL  I really do think she has seen candy corn before but maybe not.

Then my little Tom Sawyer (5), after having two snacks, came to my friend and said, "Miss Kristi, may I please have some more chemicals PLEASE."  My friend and I laughed and laughed about that.

Then when it was time to leave, my Goldilocks (6) wanted to take the empty SHINY packages home, so she "could remember those yummy chemicals" they got to eat!

I am sure my friend thinks my kids are deprived, but they are really healthy, and no one would want to live with the behaviors that come out of my boys when their brains are exposed to a large amount of food chemicals.


  1. Two of my boys have forms of autism. Therefore, we also avoid chemicals. All the better b/c it is healthier for ALL of us. They are used to reading ingredients labels on foods and other things like cleaners.

    As a matter of fact, my very adept 15 year old had no idea how to use all of the chemical cleaners at a friends house a few weeks ago when she was helping clean! We use two basic cleaners... one all -purpose cleaner and one disinfectant for everything. (Chemical -free). As a result she came home with a chemical burn on her arm b/c one of the children at my friend's house sprayed LYSOL in the air!

  2. I commend you on this. One of my ds had been diagnosed with ADHD and we tried to keep with a whole food plan(chemical free etc.), but have not kept completly to it, although we do eat alot better than we used to. I hope we eventually will be totally chemical free! I am working on introducing good food little by little and the "chemicals" are slowing disappearing.

  3. My giggle for the day!! :-) I'm afraid that I overindulge my kids too much. I was raised with the concept that food is love so I fall into that trap more than I care to admit. :-( But it's not as bad as it used to be! Blessings! Kris

  4. Good for you for being so faithful to your kids diets. I agree that those chemicals are bad. We try to eat well and buy organic, but it is hard! One of my favorite stories was when my oldest was 3 1/2. We never gave him sugar until he was 3 so treats were new to him. My husband bought a box of chocolate donuts and my son looked at them and said "Thank you for buying chocolate bagels Dad!" LOL

    Keep up the good work!


  5. I just really started paying attention to the chemicals in our food about a year ago. My youngest is very sensitive to lots of foods. Thanks to her, our family eats much more healthy now.

    Have a great day! ~Amy