Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blessed to be homeschooling

This entire week I have just felt more blessed than usual to be able to homeschool.  There really is no particular reason, just a feeling strong in my heart this week.  It is so rewarding to watch my husband and son spending time together discovering our new microscope and the little ones asking for table time so we can get more school done.  My kids do watch TV, but, fortunately, they are not addicted to it and only watch PBS and DVDs already reviewed by me.  They are filled with other interests and can't wait to play outside.  My elderly neighbor, who loves sitting on her porch so she can watch my kids play, came over and told me a sad tale the other day.  She said that her daughter, who is a public school teacher, said that on Kindergarten surveys parents stated that their kids play outside less than an hour a week.  How sad!  My kids play outside for at least an hour every single day.  They love long walks (although not in the pouring rain, like we did last week when we got caught more than a mile from home).

Well, I know I am preaching to the choir; but I just feel so so blessed to be home with my children, teaching about and experiencing the world with them every day!




  1. When I was young, we spent HOURS outside, especially in the summer. My mom had a bell she rang to get us to come home. But that was life in the country.

    My daughter is growing up in the city. There's a real difference. Outside isn't the same in the city. I can understand why she doesn't really want to go out. I regret that for her. But I know God will bless her in the city like He blessed me in the country.

    Anyway, it's GREAT that your kids love outdoor play. I agree with you --- very healthy!!!

  2. I, too, feel blessed that my children love playing outdoors and when I watch them play, it always makes me smile. I feel sorry for those who either by choice or by circumstances can not enjoy the simple pleasures of fresh air and sunshine.

    Continued blessings.


  3. We love playing outdoors but recently we have to be confined indoors for security ressons here. We look forward to it to be a regular thing for my family again. But we are grateful for the surprises our veranda and small garage -yard brings.

    It is great to hear about your family doing the same... thanks for dropping by our family blog! And yes, bookcrossing is a great activity you can do indoors =) or outdoors.

    God bless you,

  4. Hi, and thanks for coming by my blog. My younger girls enjoy the outside, except in the summer. Right now they don't go out very much. They are both so hot natured, and it only takes Marissa a few minutes to be miserably hot. They live outside in the spring and fall, and warm winter days. On those pleasant days I do not push indoor learning. I let them enjoy the outside to the fullest. We even do our reading and math outside some days.

    I've enjoyed looking over a little of your blog. You sound like a great mom.


  5. We are very blessed to be home with our children and to have the ability to teach them. I know some women would not feel joy being home with their kids and would shudder at the thought of homeschooling them They truly don't know what they are missing.



  6. WOW! My kids can't stand it if they have less than one hour per day or even less than one hour per hour!! That is amazingly sad! No wonder there is an obesity epidemic in this country!