Monday, July 16, 2007

A few goals for Mommy ...

With this being our first day back to "school", I thought I would write a few goals for myself!  After all, the teacher needs to keep learning new things and improving weak areas, too!  Not only are these goals for me but they are fun goals -- not the stay-on-top-of-the-house and go-to-bed-on-time goals.  That just goes without saying.

1) I will scrapbook 2 pages each week.

2) I will practice the piano for 1 hour each week.

3) I will read for a few minutes every day -- a literature book, not a parenting book.

4) I will sit outside and breathe fresh air and be quiet for a few minutes every day.

5) I will work out for at least 2 hours every week.

Ok, so these goals are not too lofty, but they are a start.  I am hoping by starting small I will stick with it.  Hey! today I played the piano for 30 minutes and sat outside!  I will share my little ones' goals for the year soon.  Maybe for Tiany's blog open house!


  1. IMO, these goals sounded like A LOT to accomplish each week. Congratulations for coming up with them. I hope you are successful! Love, your Mom

  2. Good goals. I need to make some Fall goals soon!

  3. I like number 4. I think I'll take that one up too. And thank you for the welcome, I added you to my friends list. I do like it here, it's nice to be in contact with other homeschooling families.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. About your comment on my blog... if your pumpkins and watermelons get "married" would the babies be called WATERkins or pumpERMELONS? LOL! I know! I am weird!

  5. Great goals!!

    I LOVED the story you left in my comments. TOO funny!! I laughed so loud, I woke up the sleeping baby

  6. Awesome goals!!! I would love to match them--but maybe on a monthly basis!! :-) Tis a blessing to be busy, right? I pray the best for you!!! Blessings! Kris

  7. I would love to be able to set simple goals and be able to accomplish them regularly. Life keeps distracting me from them. The big ones terrify me (lol) so the little ones are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These goals sound wonderful. I think they are attainable, not so lofty. That is the great thing about realistic goals, it feels so good when you can cross them off. Thank you for checking in with our family. Things are going great (according to Kendra).