Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A better week so far ...

Well, the big teen is still sick and the doctor had to put him on higher level meds than I like to see him on but something had to give.  Since he has a stiff chest wall and asthma, it is important that his lungs can be at their best before flu season hits.  Now that he is feeling a bit better, he got to do some archery this evening at out local archery range.  Here he is getting ready to release.  He really enjoys archery and is getting better at it all the time.

All of the kids enjoyed making sun catchers on Monday.  We are working hard on kind actions and sharing this week, and the kids did great sharing the paints and Mom's attention.  This was a really easy and fun project. 

In other news, the little ones are loving FIAR.  I didn't realize how well they would pick up the geography part of FIAR. We are putting the story discs on a world map like the book suggests.  I also decided that we would make all the world flags as we come to them and then add the story discs to the flags as well.  This way the kids will get a better idea of multiple books coming from the same country.  The kids are really getting it.  HURRAY!  The only question is -- where am I going to find enough wall space?  Our stairwell and upstairs hall are filling up quickly with educational posters.

We are also starting the Brother Offended Program this week, and I am already seeing improvements in sibling rivalry.  HURRAY!!!!

Blessings to you all,


  1. We have a brother-offended chart... is this the same thing?

  2. Tell me more about the "brother offended"

  3. We did FIAR when my older children were young and we loved it.

  4. Hi! I hope everyone continues to get better soon!

    I have posted more info about the peacemakers on my latest blog, that you requested. I hope you find it okay!

    We always loved FIAR, we had a group meet at the library once a month for a few hours to do the story, an activity or two and have a snack related to the story. We really enjoyed it!

    Take care!!

  5. DD is a natural with geography. I'd say it's her best subject. She likes to compete towards the National Geography Bee. DS is trying to follow in his sister's footsteps. Enjoy!



  6. I love your flag idea for FIAR. I hope you don't mind if I use it. I think I will be doing FIAR with at least one of my children and maybe two. It depends on how our schedule fills up as I sit down to make initial plans.

  7. homeschoolingmommaof4August 29, 2007 at 2:12 PM

    Love the photos! I remember trying archery when I was younger. I saw that picture and my arm started feeling the pain. LOL I know what you mean about wall space, there just never seems to be enough for all the stuff you want to hang. Great idea with the flags.

    Have a blessed day!


  8. OOOH! I would love to know how you are implementing & putting Brother Offended into your day. I need to do that program with my 3 monsters - uh I mean boys LOL. Thanks for the comments over on my blog