Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How do I have time to blog before the kids are in bed?

This is the latest obsession in my house!  The kids just can't get enough of playing Beyblades with Dad.  As soon as Dad gets home from work, they want to play this fun spinning top game.  Basically, two people spin their tops in the arena and see which one knocks the other out.  This can keep my kids busy for a long time.  They cheer, howl and scream so loud while playing that I am afraid the neighbors may not appreciate my kids enthusiasm!  You should here the noise they are making up there!  Well, it is great fun and I get some rest time to blog. 

The fire hat is on Goldilock's head in the above photo.

Now my DH is the one with the fire hat in this photo.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog!

    questions and rules on my blog...

  2. Isn't it great when the Daddy and the Lambies play together? My Honey has a Wii that they all love playing. He'll also get into chess and checkers tournaments that last ever so long!


  3. But, it isn't so fun to watch them have such fun?!

    Saying a prayer for your little girl. Bless her little heart for all she has had to go through in her life. Prayers will work miracles. I have a feeling one of these days she will have a wonderful story to tell. What loving, giving parents she has, and how blessed she is to have them, who will do what it takes to find the answers and love her, and help her find as much healing as possible.


  4. My son loves playing this at a friend's house! But hey, if I can get some free time by purchasing it - it's worth every penny I'd have to pay!!