Friday, August 31, 2007

M&M's and Math! YUM!

My kids and I had fun with THE M&M'S COUNTING BOOK.  This really was a little on the too easy side for them, but Mommy had a need for chocolate; and they had a need to do math, so this was a fun review.  Here are some pics of the fun.

Yes, Tom Sawyer got so excited he was actually sitting on the table!  As I've said before in our homeschool open house, we learn all over the house.

Lastly, as you all know, it does not matter how experienced we are as parents, our children will think up challenges for us.  See the smudge on my ds' face.  That is bubble gum residue.  He was wearing gum like a mustache, and when I made him throw it away, this is what was left.  That was 3 days ago!  I have bathed him, scrubbed his face, used baby wipes and baby oil.  I've gotten about half of it off, but he's just about running away from me at this point.  Any suggestions on how to get it off his face?


  1. We used to have this book!



  2. Rubbing alcohol?

  3. I love M&M's too! Count one...

    I love your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

    Blessings to you and your family,

    Mama Karen

  4. I love counting with M&M's. Yum! In fact I wish I had some right now. :(

    No idea how to get the gum off. My kids climb up on the table a lot too.



  5. Use cooking oil ! This worked to get even nail polish off one of my nieces face without pain. If all else fails, the natural skin oils will eventually remove the gum from his face with time

  6. Thanks for eading my blog. I just spent a little time on yours and think you all sound like a fun family. We have used the M&M counting book too. There's no better combination than food and math!