Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ode to a Wagon

OK, This isn't a real ode because my tired brain just can't do it tonight, but it sounds good, doesn't it?

Anyway, the wagon below has served us for 14 years!!!!  It was time to pass it on to someone else, so I put it out in front of our fence with a note saying "Free" on it.  The note also said how much we loved it and that we hoped it found a good home and the 1-800 phone number for new wheels.  When a man stopped and picked it up I was happy for him, but I got a little tearful remembering all the happy times we had with that wagon. I really feel a bit silly even writing this.  Well, this wagon holds a lot of happy memories.  It was a gift to my oldest when he was 3 and used for years to cart him and my day care kids around.  Even when my big teen was 9 and 10, my dh and he would race the wagon over the speed bumps in the parking lot.  They would push it running along beside and take turns jumping in to fly over the bumps.  Hence, the reason it has had the wheels replaced twice.  The wagon has moved many pieces of furniture, groceries, and all of my little ones have taken naps in it as babies/toddlers.  Once the little ones were big enough for real walks, it provided a place to rest for tired little feet (Mommy likes to take very long walks).  So I hope our old wagon found a new home that will love it and have many more happy memories.  Farewell, old wagon!


  1. ...that was sweet of your to give your wagon away.

    We have the big wooden kind with real rubber tires. It's so nice, but we don't use it much because that thing is so darned heavy! I can barely pull it, let alone adding a kid or two!

    Hope you don't miss it too much,


  2. It's not the least bit silly :) As the former childhood owner of a trusty Radio Flyer that brought me years of happiness -lol...I understand.

  3. Now that I am on my 4th child, I have a hard time justifying buying a new thing like that. We don't really have much that made it through all four children, because we tried to get pregnant for 4 years before we were successful with #3 - I had started giving up by then and getting rid of stuff! Oh well. Now I enjoy the last two with a much simpler life than I once did. I didn't even buy a high chair this time around. Instead I got a booster seat. This time I did get a jumperoo though that none of the other kiddos had.


  4. We bought new furniture about a year ago and when they delivered the new stuff they took the old away. Well, when the gentlemen picked up my beat up, old, ratty sofa I amost tackled them! I frantically tried to think of SOMEWHERE that I could stash that old thing (dog bed perhaps?) but there was no room for it anywhere.

    You see, I bought that sofa when my sixteen year old was one. I nursed all of my children on this sofa. All of my children learned to read on that sofa. The sofa was where I tucked up a sick child so I could keep an eye on them and so they could see the TV if they were up to it. How could I let this piece of furniture go?!? I still feel a little pang when I see it in photos.

  5. We have a big red one like this. When we lived in town I would pull my boys everywhere, post office, walmart, people called me "the mom with the red wagon" I totally understand the attatchment!